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Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital

"Drive away from the big city ways to an era where the family veterinarian still lives"

Waiting Room

Reception Office

Where you will always be greeted with a smile!

Exam Room

Treatment Area


Digital radiology allows for rapid results on films taken while you wait and improves the quality of our images reducing the need for costly retakes. 


A full in house lab with ability to run complete blood counts (CBC), blood chemistries, fecal analysis, urinalysis, heartworm tests, and cytology.  We also have full courier service for lab work that needs to be sent out of house. 

Recovery Area

Located right inside the main treatment area, pets are monitored, kept warm and pain free under close and constant observation by staff. 

Ultrasound Machine

Allows better visualization of internal organs and structures.

Surgery Suite

A sterile room for surgical procedures equipped with monitors and heating pad.

Fenced in walking area always kept clean