Client Testimonials

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Kristen Petersen - 01/02/2017                               We were recently referred here by a family member after a not so great experience with our last vet. It was the best decision we could make for our pets! All the staff was so friendly, we were able to get in quickly and had little to no wait in the waiting room. They all care for the animals so much! Dr. Rogers gave us a great recommendation for our dog and cared so much for his health. We love this place and we highly recommend it!

Barb Galbraith - 10/2016                                        Great people who have your pets' health and comfort front and center. They are very helpful and understanding in emergencies

Bob and Barbara Simmons - 09/09/2014                Our canine "daughter" recently became very ill... liver damage from either poisoning or a bacterial infection and she was given a "guarded" prognosis.  We weren't ready to give up on her (and neither were Dr. Frank or Dr. Rogers!).  It took around 3 weeks for Muffin to finally "come around, " and we give full credit to Drs. Frank and Rogers for saving her!  She's back to her perky, happy self and we send our sincere THANK YOU to everyone at Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital!!

Mike Pesenti - 02/21/14                                           I just wanted to pass on sincere, heart felt thank you and God bless you to Doc Rogers, Ashley, and Emily for their instrumental roles in bringing this beautiful four legged family member from near death back to her young happy self.  I won't elaborate on the grueling ordeal... it's not important.  What is important is the professionalism, thoughtfulness, patience, kindness, and follow up extended from the hospital staff to me and Felina who's little heart is beating strongly all because of your collective efforts and her will to live.  Words can't express my gratitude for all you've done for us!

Rik Nilsson - 02/12/2013                                         Every pet experience, no matter the reason, is better because of the people at the Jacksonville Vet Hospital.  Coming into the office isn't like doing business; its like visiting old friends.  We love the instant recognition and the greeting smile by Linda or whomever is behind the counter.  I'm thankful for the tender support in troubled times, too.  We enjoy the way we're treated like old friends and that our "life companions" are treated like family. 

Kathy and Phil Kolczynski - 02/05/2013                                                    From the beginning, Dr. Frank and now Dr. Rogers have directed us in maintaining our pets good health.  They have been adept at recognizing problems and diagnosing various ailments that have affected our animals.  They have been extremely kind, supportive, and caring when we had the difficult choice of saying goodbye to our cat and one of our greyhounds.  We cannot say enough about the staff... they are very knowledgeable and we are very impressed with thier care of our pets. We happily recommend JVH to other pet owners!

Dave  and Elke Goddard - 02/29/2012
If you happen to be a dog lover, as we always have been, you need a vet like Dr. Brad Frank! The list of work that he has undertaken on behalf of our much-loved dogs over our twenty years here would be too long for this review. Believe us! He is Super Vet.

Finding the Best by Ev & Lou - 02/20/2012                                                       We have known Dr. Frank 24 years and in that time he has taken great care of our dogs,,, From puppies till the sad time of relieving them of pain ....all of this done with great compassion and understanding