Senior Wellness and Dental Care Packages!

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Senior Wellness
Helping Senior Pets Live Longer and Live Better! 
Early Detection can help in disease prevention and can minimize suffering from:
Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders
Heart, Liver, and Kidney Disease
Arthritis, Cancer, etc
*Package Includes:
Full Physical Exam
Blood Work to Evaluate Internal Organ Function
Evaluation of Blood Pressure, Internal Ocular Pressure
and Tear Production
Complete Urinalysis to Evaluate Kidney Function and Bladder Health
Radiographs to Evaluate Skeletal Structures and Internal Organs
Nail Trim and Anal Sac Expression
Geriatric Consultation and Plan for Care
Dental Care
Good dental care can:
Reduce the risk for heart, kidney, and liver disease
Reduce bad breath
Keep gums and teeth healthy and prevent premature tooth loss
Package Includes:
Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work
IV Catheter and IV Fluids
Pain Management and Antibiotic Injections
General Anesthesia
Hospitalization with Doctor and Technician Supervision
Ultrasonic Cleaning and Polishing of Teeth
Complete Examination of Gums and Teeth
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